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Throughout recent years officials at NASA have been on a mission to educate the American public on its importance and how their work contributes to our everyday lives. In order to fully captivate the attention of the American people, NASA officials have turned to the nation's brightest and creative youths on proposing new strategic procedures to enlighten the American people on NASA and hopefully recapturing the nations support in the works of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. With all of these efforts, hopefully the chosen youths will revamp the countries fascination with the space program.

NASA officials have now turned to BNMB through the NASA Means Business program to develop innovative and creative ways to educate the American public on the workings of NASA. Bentley's NASA Means Business (BNMB) is a group of undergraduates who have come together and dedicated the next three years of our college lives to informing the general public on the importance of NASA. We have employed such tactics such as the creation of a website, public service announcements, print and radio ads to educate the American public on the workings of NASA. We believe that with our efforts, within three years, we will have laid the foundation to effectively and consistently reach out to a significant proportion of the American public in order to spark their interest in learning about the work being done by our nation's top scientists, researchers, and engineers at NASA, ultimately regaining the cooperation of the general American public, witch NASA has missed since the years of the Apollo missions.

To ensure that this process operates smoothly, BNMB has reached out to undergraduate students from Boston University, aiding us in reaching a broader audience. These devoted groups of students are predominantly working on the media aspects of our project. We felt that it would be in the best interest of the American people if a world-renowned business school such as Bentley College, teamed up with one of the most respected institutions in regards to communications, ensuring that our message reaches the masses. We are certain, in regards to our efforts, that within three years a significant proportion of the American public will have had their interest in NASA either initiated or renewed.
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