Below is a list of Organizations which have one general theme in common; they are all fans of aeronautics and space related interests.  These groups are essential today because they are generating renewed and sustained interest the space program.  BNMB and organizations such as these can achieving greater public support for NASA.

Yuri’s Night
Created by Loretta Hidalgo and George Whitesides, Yuri’s Night is an annual celebration which takes place on all seven continents to celebrate space travel.  Each year, on April 12th people all throughout the world throw festivities to celebrate space exploration.  This day is significant to space fanatics because it marks the anniversary when Yuri Gagarin went into space in 1961.  Twenty years later, preceding this historical event, the first space shuttle STS-1 was launched successfully.

Mars Society
Mars Society is an independent organization which believes that the space program should concentrate more of its efforts to the exploration of the red planet.  They believe that their goal is realistic if three things are accomplished. They are:

  1. Broad Public outreach to instill the vision of pioneering Mars
  2. Support of an even more aggressive government funded Mars exploration programs throughout the world
  3. Conducting Mars exploration on a private basis.

They believe that these three ideas will rekindle the public’s interest in the space program eventually getting space experts to explore the Red planet by hand.

National Space Society
The National Space Society often referred to as NSS is an independent organization which claims that it is the citizen’s voice for the space program.  This organization created in 1974 by the National Space Institute has members all throughout the United States and the world.  They educate individuals about space through a variety of different ways.  They have published in Ad Astra magazine and have chronicled the most important developments in space.

Space Generation
Space Generation is an organization in support of the United Nations which consists of members from all reigns throughout the world.  This non-governmental organization assists policy makers in decisions regarding space and how it will affect the youth of this world.  This organization began at the Third United Nations Conference on the Exploration and Peaceful Uses of Space (UNISPACE-III) in 1999 in Vienna, Austria and has worked relentlessly since to aid the space program as a hole.  Due to this organization, children of the future will now have a greater chance of being more informed about the space program.

Space Alumni
Space Alumni wants the possibility of each and every willing individual who wants to go to the Moon and Mars become a reality.  They do not consider themselves a group, but rather members who share a common goal.  They encourage people to sign up at their website, offer all that they can, and in return the network will get larger and larger, eventually enabling citizens to get to the Moon and beyond.

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