Spring 2006


A team composed of students and faculty from San Jacinto College South and the University of Houston will compete in the NASA Means Business Student Competition (http://www.tsgc.utexas.edu/nmb/this.html).  This honor is the second time for San Jacinto College South, the team‚s principal sponsor.  Some of their goals include creating a 30-second video, a website, a radio spot, and a print package.  The theme animating all of these projects draws from the team‚s larger objective, an oral history project. 


Oral history stores knowledge that people learned from doing ordinary and extraordinary things, both of which are important to building and sustaining a healthy society.  The oral tradition of storytelling, moreover, teaches its audience to become better listeners, making possible the learning and passing on of other important but abstract things like love, bravery, sacrifice, pride, endurance, hope, and the insatiable curiosity to explore the universe. 


The focus of the team‚s oral history project is to collect personal accounts from various people directly or indirectly involved with the aerospace industry.  The enormity of this reach encompasses many peopleųmemories of the discoveries and happenings of the space program are shared by a global public.  Audio recordings of these stories and voices embrace memories and experiences ranging from the past to the present.  The unique heritage of the Houston community will disappear if or when the space exploration program ceases to exist because of decisions based on statistical analysis (a strict mathematical viewpoint) and public disinterest.  These stories are our future. If they are not recorded, we will loose a library of knowledge.  Ultimately, the recordings will be archived at the libraries of San Jacinto College South and the University of Houston for historical research purposes.


The project includes faculty, advisors, outside advisers, and students from both San Jacinto College South and the University of Houston.  The list includes:

Kathy Roosa, Lou Brock, Doug Kosmo, Aaron Soderberg, Dr. Thomas Behr, Leigh Hollyer, Sarah Wilke, Megan Ebadat, Angela Burgess, John C. García-Franco, Jon Lu, Natalie Decker, Lowell Gillette, Jimmy Arévalo, Antonio Pérez, George L. Weisinger, Rebecca Garcia-Franco (team leader), and others.


The three other schools selected as finalists are ASPIRE (Arizona State and Art Institute of Phoenix), Bentley College (Massachusetts), Old Dominion University (Virginia).


The team is currently accepting appointments from potential „storytellersš to record their memories and experiences.  For obvious reasons, the topics of the narratives exclude the disclosure of proprietary information and personal secrets. 


Moreover, the team is also seeking sponsors to help with travel expenses to Kennedy Space Center where they will deliver their work in May 22 Ų 24, 2006.  They also need funding to purchase screen time to show their digital video PSA during the pre-show time slots at movie theaters.  Please contact Rebecca Garcia-Franco at ArtRGF@houston.rr.com for more information.