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Bentley's NASA Means Business has dedicated the next three years to educating and sparking the interest of the American public about the workings and importance of NASA.  NASA affects our lives daily and the world around us; therefore, we feel that it is very important, even as a civic duty, to share this information with our fellow citizens and the various citizens in the nations that partner with NASA on the International Space Station.  We believe that our website is a great educational tool in serving as a conduit through which people may learn about the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, however, if one feels that they did not receive sufficient information from our site or links to groups with similar interests, then they may contact one of our officers for further information.  These officers and their contact information is listed below.  Our Faculty Advisor provides oversight for our activities.

Geoffrey Weinstein
175 Forest Street, Mailbox 4112
Waltham, Massachusetts 02452-4705

Joshua White
Vice President
175 Forest Street, Mailbox 4138
Waltham, Massachusetts 02452-0705

Donald Changeau
Faculty Advisor
109 Morison Hall
175 Forest Street
Waltham, Massachusetts 02452-4705

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