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Encourage children to pursue STEM disciplines by demonstrating interesting applications.
They will use the STEM system in order to make new discoveries in space exploration.
Creating an interest in Math and Science
now will launch our children into greatness

STEM Project - This project is based on the four basic fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathmatics

Let us begin the Journey...

To encourage students to pursue STEM disciplines, children need to be exposed to the cool things they can do with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The Journey to Mars Begins Today provides a simple kit to teach the children in your care about STEM disciplines by letting them construct and launch their own rocket. This site includes:

  • An easy to understand lesson plan to teach students
    about the science behind rocketry.
  • Instructions for building a rocket and launcher
    from inexpensive materials.
  • A database to record your children's results

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