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Burke O. Fort

voice: 512-471-7225
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3925 West Braker Lane, Suite 200
Austin, Texas 78759

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STEP 1: Letter of Intent to Propose (prefer by November 2, 2007)

We request that you e-mail to us (mail to: fort@mail.utexas.edu) a Letter of Intent to Propose by 4:30 PM (Central Time) on November 2, 2007. Although submission of a Letter of Intent is not required, it is strongly encouraged so that we may prepare adequately for the proposal review process. However, if you wish to submit a Letter of Intent after November 2, you may do so at any time before the proposal deadline.

Your Letter of Intent should contain the name and mailing address of the academic institution(s) and department(s) involved; name, phone number and e-mail address of the Team Leader (must be a student); name, title, telephone number and e-mail address of the Supervising Faculty Member.

STEP 2: Proposal (Due: November 16, 2007)

Via e-mail attachment (mail to: fort@mail.utexas.edu), an electronic copy of your proposal must be in our possession by 4:30PM (Central Time) on November 16, 2007. THIS IS A FIRM DEADLINE.

In addition to responses to the requirements set forth elsewhere in the Competition Guidelines, your proposal must include:

(_) A cover page containing the title of your proposal, school name and address, name of Team Leader with e-mail address and phone number, name of Supervising Faculty Member with e-mail address and phone number, and names of all other team members with their roles and academic levels (if students).

(_) The following creative products:

  1. A NASA Spaceflight Promotion Plan draft outline,
  2. A draft site map for an Internet Solution that showcases your Plan,
  3. A draft storyboard for a 20-second promotional video to be integrated into your Internet Solution, and
  4. Any other promotional concept design/media elements you plan to develop.

(_) A Team Outreach Plan

(_) A brief description of your team's academic department(s); existing brochures and announcements may be included;

(_) A brief description of the department's course curriculum and how the NMB2008 program would be employed to enhance it; and,

(_) An indication of the departmental and institutional commitment to your team's participation in the NMB2008 program, such as a letter of endorsement from the university president, college dean, and/or departmental chairperson.

AT YOUR OPTION you may submit your proposal in written form. All such submissions must be received by the electronic proposal deadline. Send ten (10) written copies to:

    Mr. Burke O. Fort
    ATTN: NASA Means Business 2008
    Texas Space Grant Consortium
    3925 W. Braker Lane, Ste. 200
    Austin, Texas 78759

STEP 3: Selection and Announcement of Finalist Teams (December 14, 2007)

A Peer Review Committee, consisting of representatives from NASA, companies and universities, will select from among the proposals received up to five student teams to participate as Finalist Teams in the NMB2008 competition. The Committee will assess each proposal according the following criteria:

  1. Presence, creativity, and effectiveness of all proposal requirements set forth in Step 2 and elsewhere.
  2. Ability of the team to form strategic alliances (e.g., partnerships with advertising agencies, news media organizations, etc.) with a description of how they will be useful and effective in the team's activities.
  3. Presentation of team members' credentials (students, professors, mentors, etc.)
  4. Institutional and community resources obtained in support of the team's proposal-writing and post-selection activities (e.g., course credit, coverage of expenses, local publicity, community outreach support, etc.)
  5. Presence of a Team Outreach Plan with which the team will implement effective strategies for telling school and public groups about the experience and knowledge it gained by competing in the NMB2008 program; and,
  6. Presence of a formal, written commitment of the proposing team's home institution and/or other qualified organization (e.g., National Space Grant state consortium, corporate underwriter, etc.) to arrange for funding to cover costs associated with its participation other than those covered by NMB2008 for Finalist Team travel.

We strongly encourage teams from underrepresented institutions, and teams that include students from underrepresented institutions, to submit proposals!

Proposal Review Criteria Weighting

Reviewers will assign to each proposal a numerical score of 1-10 (10 being the highest) in each of two categories -- "Promotional Design" and "Team Outreach Plan." The weighted average of those two scores will constitute an overall score, which will be used to rank-order the proposals received.

"Promotional Design", which includes promotional concepts & themes, Internet Solution design, video storyboards, and/or other descriptive materials, will comprise 80% of this score. The "Team Outreach Plan" is worth 20%.

Selection of the participating teams will be made according to the teams' rankings based on their overall scores. The teams receiving the highest scores will be selected as Finalist Teams.

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NASA Means Business Student Competition is funded by the Coalition for Space Exploration and NASA, and is managed by Texas Space Grant Consortium