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STEP 4: Finalist Teams' Competition (Spring 2008 Semester)

At the beginning of the Spring 2008 semester, the second round of competition will launch the following activities:

NASA Spaceflight Promotion Plan and "Stand-Alone" Presentation. Each Finalist Team will prepare:

  1. A NASA Spaceflight Promotion Plan document (PDF format) with an appendix section that identifies all literature and public opinion research references relied upon,
  2. A fully implemented Internet Solution that showcases its Plan,
  3. A 20-second promotional video within the Internet Solution,
  4. Any other promotional concept design/media elements developed, and
  5. A multimedia "Stand-Alone" presentation that includes all of the above elements plus a review of all Outreach activities accomplished.

NASA Orientation Seminar. Each Finalist Team will send at least one of its student members to the NASA Orientation Seminar to be held in late February 2008 at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston. At this event, attendees will learn about NASA's programs, capabilities and history. NMB2008 will cover the travel costs for one representative from each team to attend, although additional team members (including the Supervising Faculty Member) may attend at their own expense.

Midpoint Videoconferences. During the week of March 17, 2008, each team will deliver a presentation of its work to date at a "Midpoint Videoconference" with NMB2008 officials. The purpose of these videoconferences is to help each team refine its effort based on the officials' responses. The videoconferences will be confidential in that no information about what any Finalist Team is doing will be shared with any other team. Further, the teams' midpoint presentations will not be a factor in the later judging to select of the Grand Prize Recipient.

STEP 5: Tenth Annual NASA Customer Engagement Conference (May 7-9, 2008)

NASA will convene the Tenth Annual Customer Engagement Conference at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on May 7-9, 2008. A Grand Prize Recipient will be selected and announced at the Conference. Judging will be based on how well each team's entire work effort responds to the criteria set forth below.

On Day 1 of the Conference, each team will present its Stand-Alone Presentation. A dinner with a special guest speaker will be held that evening. Day 2 is dedicated to tours of the Kennedy Space Center, the KSC Visitors Center, and other space-related venues, as available. There will also be time allocated to shopping and/or enjoying the readily accessible beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. On the morning of the third and final day, each team will be assigned, and will prepare and deliver, its "Integrative Exercise" presentation. Day 3 will end with the announcement and presentation of the Grand Prize to this year's recipient team.

In addition to providing a forum for the presentation of each team's work, the Conference will include opportunities for dialogue with NASA, industry and university community professionals; provide status reports on the progress of exploration missions and programs; and introduce updates on new systems, technologies and approaches to the exploration and development of space. Students may also expect to initiate relationships at the conference that could ultimately lead to professional employment opportunities.

NMB2008 will cover the cost of this trip for two representatives from each team. Additional team members, including the Supervising Faculty Member, are invited to attend at their own expense.

Judging Criteria and Weighting

The Grand Prize will be awarded to the team receiving the highest score at the Conference. Each team will be judged on its (a) Stand-Alone Presentation and (b) Integrative Exercise Presentation.

    Stand-Alone Presentation (80%)

Each team will be given one hour on the first day of the Conference to deliver its Stand Alone Presentation. During this period a team is to present all of its final work. How this hour is used is up to the team; but we recommend that it consist of a 45-minute presentation with 15 minutes reserved for questions from the judges. Only judges will be allowed to ask questions. A team's Supervising Faculty Member may not participate in his/her team's presentation.

Each team's Stand-Alone Presentation rating will be worth 80% of its overall score, with 70% dedicated to rating the level of "Applied Creativity" demonstrated in all work products, and 10% allocated to quantifying the level of professionalism with which the presentation is prepared and delivered.

    Integrative Exercise Presentation (20%)

At the beginning of Day 3, each team will be asked to designate two student representatives to prepare and deliver a response to the Integrative Exercise assignment. The same assignment will be given to all of the teams; and the details of the assignment will not be revealed until that moment. Accordingly, each team is advised to bring at least one notebook computer to the Conference.

The designated representatives will be given two hours to prepare in total isolation their team's response. They will then deliver their teams' Integrative Exercise presentation during 20-minute periods to occur before lunch on Day 3. As with the Stand-Alone Presentation, each team may use this time as it wishes. However, again we recommend that adequate time be reserved for questions from the judges (only).

The score each team receives for its Integrative Exercise will comprise 20% of its total score not enough to change the rank ordering of ratings received on Day 1, but enough to break ties. "Applied Creativity" will be the sole rating criterion for the Integrative Exercise.

    What is "Applied Creativity"?

As the name implies, each team will be judged based on the creativity that it employs in addressing the assignments within the rules and guidelines set forth in the web site and during February's NASA Orientation Seminar. It will also be judged on how well it applies that creativity within the products (e.g., the Plan, Internet Solution, video production, Outreach, etc.) it presents at the Conference. This is a subjective criterion reinforced by (a) the demonstrated presence of underlying research and (b) the application of professional techniques and processes.

    The Spirit of the Conference

We recognize that no set of rules, no matter how thorough or carefully developed, can ever cover all circumstances. To provide a relatively level "playing field," all teams and the universities that they represent are expected to abide by the rules specified throughout the NMB2008 web site as well as the overall spirit of the competition. We reserve the right to disqualify at any time any team that violates the written rules, or the spirit, of the competition.

For example, all Stand-Alone work is to be completely finished by the scheduled beginning of the Conference itself. While a team is presenting its work, all members of all other teams must be present, quiet and attentive (read: not working on their upcoming presentation). Another example would be the total absence of outside communication with the students designated to represent their teams in the Integrative Exercise while they are preparing their team's response.

STEP 6: NMB2008 Wrap Up (Deadline: June 6, 2008)

By June 6, 2008, each team must have submitted its Final Report, which is to consist of digital copies of all work done. This includes a team's NASA Intellectual Property Promotion Plan document, Internet Solution with video, Stand-Alone and Integrative Exercise presentation slides, and a review of its completed and ongoing Outreach Program activities.


NASA Means Business Student Competition is funded by the Coalition for Space Exploration and NASA, and is managed by Texas Space Grant Consortium