Bentley’s NASA Means Business (BNMB) is a stand-alone organization that first started in September 2004. Although BNMB has been actively involved in the NASA Means Business competition since its birth, the main objective of the organization is to help NASA in its endeavors by providing them with thoughtful and realistic support which may be direct or indirect. This year Earthrise Photo from NASA APOD Web SiteBNMB will experience a great new inflow of fresh ideas as new students take charge of the organization and also because of the change of our Faculty Advisor. The driving force of the group, Don Changeau, was and is invaluable with his vast experience; he is like a father to the organization. However George Fishman, like the new wave of students, brings with him innovative ideas. Due to Professor Fishman’s great enthusiasm for NASA, there is a greater feeling of unity within the group and revitalized interest in helping NASA. With this change the BNMB will now bring in an influx of new ideas and use the experiences of those before us to fully realize our potential not for our benefit but for that of NASA and the world.

About Us

Throughout recent years officials at NASA have been on a mission to educate the American public on its importance and how the work done at NASA contributes to Americans' everyday lives. In order to fully captivate the attention of the American people, NASA officials have turned to the nation's brightest and most creative youths for proposals regarding new strategic procedures to enlighten the American people on NASA. The main goal is to recapture the nation's support in the works of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The American space program created the NASA Means Business contest in order to enroll the help of students around the nation. With all of these efforts, hopefully the chosen youths will revamp the country's fascination with the space program.

NASA officials have now turned to Bentley NASA Means Business through the NASA Means Business program to develop innovative and creative ways to educate the American public on the workings of NASA. Bentley's NASA Means Business (BNMB) is a group of undergraduates who have come together and dedicated our time to informing the public of the importance of NASA. We have employed such tactics such as the creation of a web site, public service announcements, and contacting local corporations and colleges. Our main goal for the 2008 year is to connect people to NASA in innovative ways. This way, both the public and NASA will benefit from our project. Our ideas are meant to generate a new interest in NASA in business students and corporations, bring NASA back into contact with an audience that has become distanced since the Apollo missions.

Spring 2008 Members

Daniel Britti
Matthew Carpenter
William Connolly
Ellen Morris
Kathryn Ogorzalek
Jennifer O’Donnell
Michael Pini
Angad Sawhney
Geoff Weinstein
Joshua White

2008 NASA Means Business Competition

Mission: Hook NASA up with more innovators

Bentley's Plan

This year’s NASA Means Business competition is about connecting NASA with innovators. NASA is always working on a multitude of projects simultaneously trying to not only explore space, but also improve the standard of living in the United States of America. NASA already works with various companies in the US, but very few people know about it. NASA has somewhat lost its level of popularity among the American public since the Apollo missions in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Bentley’s goal is to get more people involved with NASA again.

First and foremost, the BNMB came up with a plan to create more business internships with NASA. The purpose is to get people to realize that NASA is not just composed of rocket scientists; like any organization NASA needs a business support team to keep all the research and missions moving forward. Next we focused on medical issues being researched on the International Space Station. From there, BNMB members brainstormed about what kind of aid NASA could use. Using this web site, Bentley NASA Means Business is going to connect NASA to companies that could potentially help them. This leads into the idea of strategic, or mutually beneficial, partnerships.


Executive Board

Ellen Morris

Vice President
Geoff Weinstein

Kathryn Ogorzalek

Video Coordinator
Jennifer O'Donnell

Faculty Advisor
George Fishman

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