Future Plans

The main idea with Bentley's NASA Means Business is to have practical ideas that can realistically be implemented. Therefore, we are proposing a three year plan.

Year One: Research

The first year has been dedicated to brainstorming and researching. BNMB has gone about contacting schools about an internship program with NASA, and we have heard very positive responses. BNMB has contacted multiple companies, the most promising being Cisco Systems, Inc. Therefore, the first year of this project has been dedicated to the brainstorming of possible ideas and the plausibility of those ideas.

EndeavorYear Two: Public Research and Marketing

Next year we will go about surveying students at the schools that said they would be interested in creating a relationship with NASA. We will be looking for whether or not there are people who would really go to NASA for a year in order to do a business co-op program with NASA.

If the data is supportive of our goals, we will then start marketing an internship idea to our actual audience, and seeing what kind of responses we get.

The second year will also be dedicated to finding companies hwo are ready and willing to have a strategic partnership with NASA, but we will only present the idea to NASA if we see the partnership or alliance as beneficial to both sides.

Year Three: Implementation

Tine willing, and if NASA complies, by our third year we would like to have a test scenerio where we send one person down to NASA through our application process and NASA's approval. We will stay in constant contact with this person, and see if the idea is worth spreading and further implementing.

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