2008 NASA Means Business Project


NASA is predominantly known as a science based organization. Often times when people hear of NASA, they do not think of a business group. NASA, like any organization, has a large business department.

One of the new ideas Bentley's NASA Means Business had this year was to have NASA team up with schools, specifically business schools, and create internship programs. NASA already has a co-op program, but a vast majority of the positions are in STEM related fields.

NASA wants to be connected with innovators. Business students are the white collar work force of tomorrow, and therefore are at the front of innovation. If NASA creates programs with certain schools, they will benefit by having the future of management interning with them over the summer or for a year through a co-op program.

Many business students never think they can work for NASA, but the truth is that they can! BNMB contacted almost a dozen schools in the area, and got a resounding yes from all those who responded to the survey. The colleges that are interested in a business internship program with NASA are: Bentley College, Boston University, Bryant University, Brown University, Providence College, and UMASS Amherst.

There is obviously a market for business students in the science sector. If you are a college student and are interest in working for NASA, please contact Bentley's NASA Means Business.

ISS Issues Reviewed

There are many issues being experimented in the International Space Station. Some of the medical issues include dust inhalation, muscle and organ atrophy, and the effects of zero gravity on bacteria. All of these issues are being researched by NASA, but no one knows what they are or what the results may mean for society.

The main idea with the ISS portion of our project is to have NASA post what issues they could use help with, either money-wise, manpower, etc. If you are from NASA, and you would like to post a comment to the BNMB, please contact us.

Strategic Partnerships

A strategic partnership is mutually beneficial on both sides of the bargain. BNMB wants NASA to enjoy joint advertising with related companies.

One company BNMB contacted was Cisco Systems, Inc. NASA does business with this company and buys their network systems to use for data downloading. The Cisco representative who spoke with the President of Bentley's NASA Means Business said that working with NASA would benefit both sides, and would help get NASA back into the buzz around the country.

If you are a member of a company, and your company is interested in working with or for NASA, please contact BNMB.


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