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HOW and BY WHEN to Participate

Letter of Intent (Due: Friday, November 20, 1998)

A non-binding letter of intent to propose must delivered to us by 4:30 PM (Central Time), Friday, November 20, 1998. Any legible submission, including e-mail (to: fort@mail.utexas.edu), is acceptable so long as it contains the name and mailing address of the academic institution(s) and department(s) involved; name, phone number and e-mail address of the Team Leader (must be a student); and a brief, one-paragraph description of your team's professional orientation and/or focus (e.g., business administration, public administration, entrepreneurship, marketing, public policy, communications, etc.).

Proposal (Due: Friday, December 18, 1998)

Fifteen (15) copies of your written proposal must be in our possession by 4:30PM (Central Time), Friday, December 18, 1998.

In addition to responses to the requirements set forth elsewhere in the Competition Guidelines, a proposal must include:

  1. A short (up to 300 words) summary of your proposal

  2. Proposed Plan

      The format of your Proposed Plan should reflect your academic orientation. For example, if your team is comprised mostly of business students, then you should submit your "Proposed Business Plan;" if marketing and promotion, then "Marketing Plan" (or whatever), etc. Whatever type of plan you choose to submit should contain all segments normally included within one that would be used professionally.

  3. Supplemental Information

    1. a brief description of the student team's academic department(s); existing brochures and announcements may be included; departmental plans, strengths, laboratories and other relevant facilities, and any working arrangements with other universities or organizations that may relate to the project should be described;
    2. a brief description of the department's course curriculum and how the NASA Means Business Student Competition would be employed to enhance it;
    3. an Outreach Plan, which sets forth the strategies and actions to be implemented for transferring the experience and knowledge gained by the students and participating faculty and industry associates to other audiences, including faculty and students in all levels of education as well as the general public;
    4. a listing of supporting faculty and other personnel, including those teaching related courses, those available to students for consultation, and department heads; include brief biographical material and technical/professional publication citations;
    5. an indication of the departmental and institutional commitment to your team's participation in the NASA Means Business Student Competition program, such as a letter of endorsement from the university president, college dean, and/or departmental chairperson;
    6. the name and academic level of each student member of your team; and
    7. the names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of the Team Leader (must be a student) and the supervising faculty member;

Send your proposals to:

   Mr. Burke O. Fort
   ATTN: 1999 NASA Means Business Student Competition
   Texas Space Grant Consortium
   3925 W. Braker Lane, Ste. 200
   Austin, Texas 78759

Teams Announced (Friday, January 15, 1999)

The six (6) 1999 NASA Means Business student teams will be announced on Friday, January 15, 1999.

Customer Engagement Conference (May 24-26, 1999)

The NASA Customer Engagement Conference is tentatively scheduled for May 24-26, 1999, and is to be held at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston.

Outreach Plan Deliverables (Friday, July 30, 1999)

Outreach Plan deliverables must be submitted on or before Friday, July 30, 1999.


1999 NASA Means Business Student Competition is a HEDS UP Program. HEDS UP is sponsored by NASA and is administered by the Lunar and Planetary Institute and Texas Space Grant Consortium.


Last Modified: Thu Sept 24, 1998