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WHAT This Opportunity Is About

HEDS University Partners

The NASA Means Business Student Competition is a HEDS University Partners (HEDS UP) program. The goal of HEDS UP is to broaden and strengthen the professional relationships between scientists, engineers, and administrators in NASA and their counterparts in the academic community. It is designed to generate fresh views on how to accomplish human exploration and development of space, knowledge of technical capabilities that exist in universities, and an opportunity to meet students who are about to begin their careers.

From the university perspective, HEDS UP leaders strive to engage students in rich and meaningful educational experiences, derived from working directly on current and important issues that are central, in real time, to ongoing space exploration programs and missions.

Initially, such experiences will involve - and contribute meaningfully to - the human/robotic exploration of Mars, the exploration and development of the Moon missions to near-Earth asteroids, and the evolution of systems and technologies that link them.

NASA Means Business Student Competition

Each participating university team, selected through a professional peer review of its proposal to the 1999 NASA Means Business Student Competition, will prepare a section of the draft NASA Mars Exploration Business Plan. NASA Mars mission planners will review each team's work and incorporate all or part of it into the officially-adopted NASA Mars Exploration Business Plan.

What This Opportunity Is About
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1999 NASA Means Business Student Competition is a HEDS UP Program. HEDS UP is sponsored by NASA and is administered by the Lunar and Planetary Institute and Texas Space Grant Consortium.


Last Modified: Thu Sept 24, 1998