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Students Fly Their Experiments on the International Space Station. A Dream Come True!


Students have the once in a lifetime opportunity to build, package and see launch to the International Space Station their protein crystal experiments. The experiments will grow on the ISS and results will be analyzed upon return. Working beside NASA representatives, a group of Texas High School Students and teachers will be selected to load protein solutions into sample tubes for flight in space on the ISS as part of Dr. Alexander McPherson's experiment form the University of California, Irvine.

Who's involved:

NASA logo Texas Space Grant joins this effort with Alabama Space Grant and Marshall Space Flight Center to instruct teachers on protein crystal growth and structural biology.

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Students in Class

Two master teachers attend the initial workshop and training session in Huntsville, Alabama. Additional workshops are conducted throughout Texas to train additional teachers. Each of these teachers present the material to students in classrooms and science clubs. Selected students will then have the opportunity to load flight samples that will launch on the Space Shuttle and fly on the International Space Station. Students in ClassClasses will have the opportunity to create a web site detailing their experiments. These web sites will be collected and archived on the TSGC server. The teachers and students are invited to attend the launch of their experiment on the Space Shuttle at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida Texas Space Grant Consortium is pleased to provide this opportunity for high school students in Texas who win the Protein Crystal Essay.



Students in front of NASA Bldg Private Sector support for financing of kits and equipment, such as microscopes, for classrooms and student support. NASA, of course, will play an essential support role in the program, and organizations such as the Space Grant Consortium will provide the bedrock.


The intention of the Protein Crystal Growth Experiment nationwide is to have all those who want to help, who have something to offer, and all who might potentially benefit. We would, in the end, like to have participation in all fifty states, and thousands of classrooms across the United States

"It's really thrilling that even students can be part of one of the first experiments on the International Space Station."
Gatesville Highschool freshman.