SKY VIEW: Prototype Remote Sensing

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WELCOME to the SKY VIEW Homepage. Since 1994, the Texas Space Grant Consortium has sponsored a prototype remote sensing program known as SKY VIEW. We hope this information will provide students and teachers with a good idea of what this program is about. Take a look at this example.

SKY VIEW offers high school students a unique opportunity to experience engineering design. By participating in SkyView, students and teachers are exposed to the science involved in remote sensing.

The purpose of this project is for student teams to design and build a prototype remote sensing system. The basic premise is to have the students identify an application to which aerial photography could be useful for obtaining information, and then design, test, build, and use their system. Some possible applications of this type of system include monitoring creek erosion, detecting plant stress, and locating suitable habitats for endangered species.

Goals of this project include:

A program like Sky View can be used for many applications related to science and math. These are only a few examples and uses of an aerial photography system that can be developed in any classroom:

Application Form

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