SKY VIEW Conference

SKY VIEW '95 Regional Prototype Remote Sensing Competition was held in Austin at the Pickle Research Laboratory on April 10, 1995. The conference was split into a morning and an afternoon session with the morning session resembling a science fair and the afternoon session composed of the student teams' oral presentations.

The morning session is similar to a science fair with each student team setting up a display of their prototype system. Interaction between students, judges, and walk-in guests is encouraged. During the session, groups of judges visit each display and judge the groups on either the Enigneering/Design or Application categories.

The teachers used the morning session to discuss the project and to share their ideas and experiences.

After lunch in the Commons Building Cafeteria, all particpants (both students and teachers) gathered in the auditorium for the oral presentations. Audio and video equipment, as well as computers, were provided for the student presentations. Upon conclusion of the presentations, Amy Neuenschwander gave a short lecture on the uses of remotely sensed data and then showed a video on the newly launched GOES 8. The winners were then announced and the conference was adjourned. Dinner was held for everyone at The Old San Francisco Steakhouse.


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