Sky View

The Texas Space Grant Consortium would like to invite you to participate in this year's Sky View competition. Sky View is an exciting and unique experience for you and your students. Sky View provides students with engineering design experience for a real world application that is fun and exciting.

The Concept:
The concept outlined here involves the design, building, and deployment of a remote sensing system that is within the economic means of nearly all schools. This project demonstrates all of the steps involved in carrying out a remote sensing mission while allowing a great deal of versatility in each stage of the project. The basic premise is that students identify and application to which aerial photography can be useful for obtaining information and then design, build, test, and use a system which carries out their mission.

There are many different ways to build and fly an aerial photography system and each system will have unique advantages and disadvantages over other system designs. The appropriateness of a particular system will depend on the problem to which the system is to be applied, the materials available to construct and fly the system, and the people using the system. This type of project will require the students to use math and science skills in the construction and testing of the system, as well as learn design techniques, practice team and budget management skills, and enhance their computer skills.

The Competition:
This year's Sky View Spring Competition is a chance for each of the schools participating to present their project to a panel of judges. The student's projects will be judged in three categories; engineering/design, science application, and oral presentation. This year's judges will be comprised of graduate students from the University of Texas Engineering department, members of industry, representatives from Texas Space Grant Consortium, and you the teachers.


Sunday, 29-Aug-1999 21:42:24 CDT