Sky View '96 - Judging Criteria

This year's judging of the Sky View competiton will be focused in three areas: engineering/design, application, and presentation. These are some of the questions that this year's judges will be looking for in your project design. This is by no means a complete list, but it should help give some insight to what types of things they will be looking for.
This year's judges will be comprised of members from the Texas Space Grant Consortium, Texas Aerospace Commission, Center for Space Research, Austin Communitiy College, and local industry. In addition to the scheduled judges, you the teacher will be involved in judging the oral presentations.

Engineering / Design

1. Did the system work? Did the team get their design airborne and successfully collect data(pictures)?
2. Was the design sound?
3. Was the design tailored for specific conditions? Weather, winds, other...
4. What was the overall team budget? Was the team able to work within their budget?
5. Any new innovations in design to improve stability or performance?
6. Any design features to improve the quality of the data?


1. What Earth-related application was targeted for building the prototype remote sensing design?
2. How would a remote sensing system improve the specific Earth Science application?
3. Was the data successfully used in the application?
4. What was learned from the aerial data?
5. Were there any ground-based measurements to correlate to the aerial data?


1. Is the problem (application) identified?
2. Did the team fully cover the project?
3. Are the presentations easy to hear and comprehend?
4. Does the presentation flow?
5. Are the presentation materials easily seen?
6. Does the audience know who is speaking?
7. Does the presentation answer who, what, where, when, why, and how?


Sunday, 29-Aug-1999 21:43:24 CDT