Sky View 96 Requirements

In general, the requirements on you the teacher are relatively small. For the most part, you are there to give guidance and encouragement to your students. But here are a few of the requirements that you must do in order to receive funding from Texas Space Grant Consortium for participating in Sky View 96.

1. Teach at a Texas high school.

2. Submit a written proposal project summary along with your application. This summary will be used to select the schools for this year's competition. Funding and time constraints are limiting the number of schools to 8 selected.

3. Attend the Spring Conference in Austin, TX at a date to be determined later.

4. Students must submit a written report at the time of the Spring Competition. The written reports from the schools will be compiled into a document that will be distributed to educators across the state.

5. It is preferred (but not required) that you take lots a pictures and video along the way. This helps document your project and can be included in the Sky View web page as well as for your student's oral presentations.


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