Thank you Letter from Perryton High School
Perryton High School
1200 S. Jefferson
Perryton, Texas

Amy Neuenschwander
Sky View '95 Program Coordinator
Texas Space Grant consortium
2901 North IH 35, Suite 200
Austin, Texas 78722-2348

Dear Amy,

I would like to thank the Space Grant Consortium, Southwestern Educational Laboratories, and you personally for the Sky View Program my team and I participated in this year! The benefits of the program make your efforts worthwhile.

The amount of new learning was impressive. All of us went into the project ignorant of the ramifications, trusting that as a team we would be successful. That is exactly what happened-all of our team was able to work together, which was a credit to them, given their widely dissimilar backgrounds. Some had worked effectively in groups before, but some had not, and building the team concept took some growth on everyone' s part. Our team was very diverse, ranging from eighth grade to seniors, gifted/talented to special education, outgoing to shy, analytical to intuitive, "with it" to "nerd", but all were enthusiastic, difficult to frustrate, and excited about the project! What's more, each made an invaluable contribution to the success of the whole effort.

They learned new skills, which is what attracted the team members in the first place. Our "fearless leader" had never led before; our computer team had never worked with the imaging software or with solving the problems of making programs "fit" with each other, and had never used the special program to put together a presentation; the photography team had never developed anything, much less a variety such as slides, black/white, or infrared film, and had never made prints; everyone was involved in the engineering and only the two who were from my physics class had dealt with solving design problems, but solve problems they did. Each team member "grew where they were planted" and learned what was necessar,v, and some things they learned just for the fun of it.

We had two rules: any team member could learn any new skill that interested them, and if anyone needed help, all available team members would help them. We intend to continue with the same rules for this next year, if we are selected to compete. Robotics applications look like a fascinating extension, and we will be doing more with infrared, too.

Enthusiasm for math and science is high, and I think we are accomplishing through this program the major goals of the Space Grant Consortium. The students are thinking of math as an essential tool and never complained-they just wanted to know how to do it! The community is exhibiting real interest in the project, and we have attracted some corporate interest.

You have a powerful tool in Sky View to increase interest and enthusiasm for science and mathematics and encourage students to pursue further studies after high school. Thank you for all you have done!


Bobette Doerrie


Sunday, 01-Aug-2004 00:24:37 CDT