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STS-74 and Mir-20 Crew Group Portrait

NASA Photo ID: S74E5117
Date/Time Taken: Nov. 15, 1995 @ 09:57:26

Not long after the successful in-space docking of Russias Mir Space Station and the Space Shuttle Atlantis, STS-74 and Mir-20 crewmembers pose for a group portrait aboard the Mir Base Block. Wearing the two-tone shirts are the five STS-74 crewmembers--Kenneth D. Cameron, from the left, James D. Halsell Jr., Chris A. Hadfield, William S. McArthur Jr. and Jerry L. Ross. The Mir-20 crewmembers are, left to right, cosmonaut Sergei V. Avdeyev, the ESAs Thomas Reiter and cosmonaut Yuriy P. Gidzenko. This image was among a series of still images downlinked and released by NASA on November 15.

Source: NASA Shuttle-Mir Web: Photos

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