Mission Statement

This website is all about the satellite altimeter TOPEX/Poseidon. It is intended for those who are interested in the sate-of the-art satellite and would like to know what it is and what it does. This site was motivated by a simple question "What is TOPEX/Poseidon?" Provided are many detailed answers to the question, along with links for further information and some useful interactive tools for orbital mechnics, which take your input data and feed back output. We hope, this content is informative and technical enough for educators that wish to provide their students with information on TOPEX/Poseidon. For more information about Topex/Poseidon please vist the Texas Space Grant Consortiums' Topex/Poseidon Educational Outreach Homepage or The Center for Space Research Topex Information Page.

This page is created by
Masaharu Suzuki
The University of Texas at Austin


Last Modified: April 1, 1999