NOAA Satellite Information Page

The NOAA satellites are a critical part of predicting and understanding meteorological events which affect the United States. Every day, meteorologists and scientists are developing improved models for weather prediction. The images from the NOAA GOES satellites can be seen every night on your evening news and many are available on the internet (see below).

Overview of the NOAA satellites

GOES: Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite

Details about GOES satellites
GOES Mission Overview
GOES Project Science

POES: Polar Operational Environmental Satellite

Details about POES satellites
Polar Orbiter Data User's Guide
Polar Satellite Updated Infromation

What are Two-line Orbital Element Sets?

Current GOES Images

GOES East Visible Image
GOES West Visible Image
GOES East Infrared Image
GOES West Infrared Image
GOES East Water Vapor Image
GOES West Water Vapor Image


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