A Gravity Simulation Experiment

Lamar University
Earth and Space Resources Laboratory
Department of Geology and Physics
P.O. Box 10031
Beaumont, Texas 77710

Student Investigators:

Mark Adams, Geology
Talina Grimes, Chemistry
Karen Woods, Civil Engineering

Supervising Faculty & Contact Person:

Dr. Jim L. Jordan
Department of Geology
P.O. Box 10031 Lamar University
Beaumont, Texas 77710
(409) 880-8240 (409) 880-8246 fax
e-mail: jordanjl@hal.lamar.edu


We propose a gravity simulation experiment to be flown on the NASA 931 under the auspices of the Texas SURF Summer Academy. The bolt-down experiment is a rotating 12" diameter sealed cylinder containing water. The rotation is powered by a standard turntable. Turning at 78 rpm, the centripetal acceleration on the cylinder wall closely approximates the acceleration due to gravity on Earth. At lower speeds, the acceleration is less, and Martian and lunar gravitational acceleration can be simulated. The behavior of the water will be observed under reduced gravity conditions (microgravity) for both non-rotating and rotating states. The observation will be recorded by video and still photography. The significance of understanding simulated gravity is the potential role it may play in exploration of the solar system. The results from the proposed experiment will be presented in several forums, including K-12 presentations, seminars, workshops, conferences, radio and television media presentations. In addition the photographic record will be made available on the World Wide Web.


Wednesday, 31-Dec-1969 18:00:00 CST