Progress Report Form Instructions

Progress Report Form Instructions

  1. The name of the person that is submitting the report (required).

  2. The e-mail address of the person submitting the report (required).

  3. The report is to present all the work that has been completed on your area of the design during the week ending on this date.

  4. This line signifies the subsystem for which the progress report is being presented. If you are working in two groups then two Weekly Progress Reports must be submitted.

  5. The current mass of your subsystem should be entered here (how much mass does your system use).

  6. The current power requirement of your subsystems should be entered here.

  7. The text of the report should be entered here. It is recommended that you write the report in a word processor and paste it here. This section can accept straight text only. If the report contains special formatting or graphics see the next two lines (required).

  8. This section should included an outline of what you expect to acomplish next week (required).

  9. If your progress report contains special formatting or graphics check the Yes button and enter the filenames in the line below.

  10. If you checked yes to the previous line enter the filenames of the external files here. Multiple files should be separated by commas. Standard UNIX filename formats must be followed, ie. filename.extension. Ftp the files to the root directory of the account that you have been provided with. If you do not have an account please contact Mark Fischer

  11. This section is for any questions that you wish to solicit responses from the entire design team. They will be posted in the questions section (required).

After you have completed the form click on the "Submit Report" button.
Progress Report Form


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