Power - Lamar 2/09/96 Progress Report

From: Curtis StephensonME_CAS@hal.lamar.edu

Currenty the power group is continuing to research regenerative fuel cells. Several manufacturers have been contacted and information is being sent to us. Also, contact with the group leader of the power and propulsion division of NASA's JSC has been made, and we will visit with him within the next couple of weeks.

E-mail addresses for power group:
Curtis Stephenson ME_CAS@hal.lamar.edu
Jeff Stinnett ME_JFS@hal.lamar.edu
Clay Naiser ME_CHN@hal.lamar.edu


What is the official mission duration?
What are the subsytem power requirments?
Are there any new subsystems?
Is there a new mass budget due to the change in mission duration?
from: ME_CAS@hal.lamar.edu


Next: Next week, we plan to begin developing a new power profile for the mission duration of 1 year (estimated, please inform us if it is incorrect) using comperable power requirements as last semester's. Also, we will begin to perform calculations to estimate size and weight requirments for the regenerative fuel cell system.

Mass: ?
Power: ?