Power - Lamar 2/23/96 Progress Report

From: Clay Naiser ME_CHN@hal.lamar.edu

A new schedule has been made with a more detailed approach for the final design. The design has been broken down into several subtopics, which include: solar array design, fuel cell design, electrolyzer design, determining amount of reactants, tank design, and selection of other components such as any heat exchangers, lines, valves, pumps, etc. that may be needed.
Also, this week the group has worked on an estimated power profile for the mission with a duration of one year. The power profile is subject to changes as new information on power requirments is obtained. Also, late in the week, the spreadsheet was begun which will size components of the system.

Next: The group plans to begin sizing the solar arrays, fuel cells, and electrolyzer. More contacts with manufacturers and NASA specialists will be made in order to obtain accurate numbers to be used in this design. The next couple of weeks will be devoted to this activity.

Mass: ?
Power: ?