Power - Lamar - Progress Report 29 Sept 95

Curtis A. Stephenson

Lunar Lander / Power Group


The task of the power group is to research the different power supply systems in order to find a sufficient source of power for the various subsystems of the Lunar Lander. It has been determined that there will be a number of different times during the mission that power will need to be supplied to these systems. These times will be given in chronological order as follows:

Scope of the Effort

To design a sufficient power system which will allow the Lunar Lander to complete itís mission requirements within the given data boundaries.

Design Approach / Methodology

To define a power profile based on the educated estimates and power requirements given to the power group. Also, to research previous space vehicles for different power systems, and to confine the different power systems which comply with the needs of the power group.

Work Plan

The purpose of the work plan is to evaluate the power profile in order to comply with the estimated specifications:
Note: All information which is known to date is based solely on educated guesses. or taken from the info. given on the internet.

Different Power Plant Considerations
Each of these systems will be further evaluated and narrowed down in order to fit the given and assumed specifications. The power plants mentioned will be researched by each member of the group, and then a decision will be made by the group as to which will be the most efficient, cost the least, and will fit in the specified area. In general, these will be eliminated or accepted based on two different standards, size and cost.


Beginning - 10/6Research different missions, power systems, etc. Basically, perform a general background research on the topic of power.
10/6 - 11/3Develop a power profile and mission specifications (size, weight, cost).
11/3 - 11/24Evaluate specific power sources and decide how they might be distributed to other subsystems.
11/24 - 12/14Develop final report which will discuss conceptual design.

Next Week

  1. To continue the research on different power systems.
  2. We also plan on getting power requirements for the different subsystems in order to begin developing a power profile for the mission.
  3. Also to get as much information with respect to weight, volume, etc. for the power plant.


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