Power Progress Report - Lamar - November 17

Power Progress Report - Lamar

November 17
Clay Naiser

For the past two weeks our group has been able to determine power requirements from some of the different subsystems. In order to produce a power profile, values for unknown subsystem power requirements were estimated. We assumed the mission to be 32 days, for lack of knowledge on the length of time needed for oxygen generation. This includes the 3-4 days travel from the earth to the moon, 7 days of oxygen production, 14 days of lunar night, and a final 7 day oxygen production process.

After completion of the power profile, we were able to determine where and when the highest amounts of power would be needed. The highest amount of power needed at any given time was just under 600 W. In order to produce this much power, we have narrowed our scope down to three different batteries, a solar cell, and one fuel cell. However, one new fuel cell is being researched. We were supposed to meet with four power specialists from NASA last week but their traveling budget was dropped, not allowing them to come to Lamar. This week we were supposed to go to NASA, but because of the shut down of the federal govt. we were not able to go. Thus, we are unable to give any recent info on the regenerative fuel cell. The possible battery candidates are:

1. Zinc - Chlorine
2. Zinc - Silver Oxide
3. Silver Chloride

One of the fuel cells now being considered is the Hydrogen-Oxygen fuel cell.


Does anyone have any recent info. on regenerative fuel cells?

Does anyone know the duration of the oxygen generation process?


We plan on drafting the final report, after completing research on the regenerative fuel cell.

mass: 250
power: 0


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