Progress Report: 6 October 95, Lamar - Propulsion

Gary Rhodes

Since we did not submit a Work Plan/Goals last week as our progress report we will do so this week.

The following is the tentative task plan of the Lamar Propulsion Group.


  1. Our first step was to Define the Assignment given us.

    We have been assigned the task of providing the conceptual design of the propulsion system on the Texas Interdisciplinary Spacecraft Design Project.

  2. Since there was no prior knowledge of this subject we had to begin with Research.

    Dr. Simon and Ken Rock provided us with some introductory material that both somewhat caught us up with what has been done to date and informed us on what was expected of us. This phase of our design process will continue throughout the semester.

  3. Now that we recognized our assignments we then had to identify the Tasks Necessary to complete our share of the project. The propulsion system design consists of three separate propulsion systems. We then defined those systems, and consequently, our tasks that must be completed as the followings.

    1. Select the launch vehicle for the flight.
    2. Choose and design the Main Propulsion System (MPS).
    3. Choose and/or design the Reaction Control System (RCS).

  4. We have decided to Delegate Responsibilities in the following manner. This was an initial set-up and is subject to change.

  5. We then set Requirements for each group.

    1. Obtain a good conceptual understanding of the assigned subject.
    2. Brainstorm at least three ideas. (This would be done individually and with the entire team.)
    3. Come up with at least three concepts subject to analysis for the assigned subsytem.
    4. Examin the feasibility of each idea. (To be done by each subsystem group and by the entire team.)

  6. Throughout the project and after Step 5 Integration is a must. This will lead to the final report,and the team's final responsibilities.

    1. Keep team leader (Ken Rock) and the rest of the consortium (Internet) up to date on progress.
    2. Introduce ideas to the team and the other teams here at Lamar. Integrate constantly with them.
    3. Decide on the best options for each of the subsystems. (Relay that info to other teams.)
    4. Prepare conceptual designs in order to submit the final report.

Should you have any questions or comments (Especially you, Ken) please feel free to contact Gary Rhodes --

Next Week

We will begin our Brainstorming to come up with ideas for the different subsystems possibilities. The goal is to have at least three methods/options for each of (1) the Launcher, (2) the MPS, and (3) the RCS.


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