Progress Report: 20 October 95, Lamar - Propulsion

Gary Rhodes

Our Progress Report this week is a schedule of the tasks and estimated completion dates (hopeful) for each task. Hopefully this will be the plan of action for the rest of the semester.

I.     Lauch Vehicle                           Date of Completion

        A) Final Launcher Selection>>>Delta II          10/27
        B) Payload Constraints                          10/27
           1) Volume
        C) Altitude (orbits)/Burn Time                  11/4
           1) Final Orbit Parameters
        D) Lander Attachment/Detach Lander              11/11
        E) Thermal Interfaces                           11/11
           1) Power Interfaces
           2) Control (and) Data Interfaces
        F) Written Report                               11/18

II.    Main Propulsion System                  Date of Completion

        A) Choose Prelimenary Design                    10/27
           1) theory of operation, thorough description
        B) Engine Selection                             10/27
        C) Burn Times                                   11/4
           1) Thrust Duration
           2) Change in mass
        D) Fuel Requirements                            11/4
           1) type, mass, volume
        E) Oxidizer Requirements                        11/4
           1) type, mass, volume
        F) Tank Size (vol.,press.)                      11/4
        G) Pressurization system                        11/11
           1) tank bladders?
           2) pres. tank volme/pressure
        H) Fuel Plumbing                                11/11
           1) check valves/fills/relief/etc.
        I) Power Requirements                           11/11
           1) Supplied to the pumps                     11/11
           2) Throttling
        J) Thermal Requirement                          11/11
           1) heat dissipation
        K) Control and Data Interfaces                  11/11
           1) Throttling/gimballing
        I) Performance Specifications                   11/18
           1) Thrust
           2) operational constraints
        L) Written Report                               11/18

III.   Reaction Control System                 Date of Completion

        A) Choose Design                                10/27
        B) Thruster selection                           10/27
        C) Obtain Rotation Inertias                     11/4
        D) Obtain pointing requirements (pulse sizes, etc from NGC)
        E) Fuel Type                                    11/4
           1) Propellant/Oxidizer                       11/4
        F) Burn Times                                   11/4
           1) Propellent scheduling
        G) Mounting/Structure                           11/4
        H) Storage (tanks)                              11/11
           1) Size (press./Temp)
        I) Performance Specification                    11/11
           1) Thrust
           2) Operational constraints
        J) Power Requirements                           11/11
           1) Supply to pumps, valves, controllers
           2) Throttling
        K) Thermal Requirements                         11/11
           1) Heat dissipation
        L) Control Interfaces                           11/18
        M) Fuel Plumbing                                11/18
           1) Valves,joints,pipe sizes (diagram and mass estimate)
        N) Written Report                               11/22

Next Week

We should begin the work specified on the schedule above. This includes the selection of the preliminary designs for each of the three subsystems and various other tasks for each.


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