Rover Subsystem - Texas Tech 2/23/96 Progress Report

Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996
From: Richard Eddings

This Weeks Deliverables :
Tim Horne -
1) Complete Sensor System Block Diagram and Part List
2) Begin Detail design of Sensor System
3) Come up with options for prototype

Richard Eddings -
1)  Continue Thermal Revisions
2)  Continue preparations for construction
3)  Begin ordering of prototype parts

James Ledbetter -
1)  Finalize operational mode charts
2)  Select CPU
3)  Continue work on solar array calculations

Brian Pustka -
1)  Continue work on structural revisions
2)  Perform stress analysis on legs, etc. 

Price Estimates for Prototype

At this time building a complete prototype is not necessary.  For this reason a few systems were selected to be prototyped.  These systems will be built to test the design that will be proposed.  The systems chosen are as follows:

        1) Obstacle Detection (i.e. Image Processing)
        2) Drive and Steering Assembly
        3) Thermal System

Cost Estimates for each system

        Obstacle Detection 

        Option  A.      (1) B&W Camera          $200.00
                        (1) Frame Grabber       $800.00

        Option  B.      (2) B&W Cameras $400.00
                        (1) Frame Grabber       $800.00
                        (1) Video Mux.          $300.00

        Drive and Steering Assembly
                Drive Motor                     $150.00
                Steering Motor          Approx. $100.00
                Materials                       $50.00
                Electronics                     $100.00

        Thermal System

                Peltier Device                  $40.00
                Graphite Epoxy                  $30.00
                PPS body material               $30.00
                Gap Pad Insulation              $0.00

If budget permits, a scaled down mockup would could be built with the following :

        Simple frame                            $50.00
        CPU controller                          $1200.00
        Camera Option B                         $1500.00
        Power Elec.                             $100.00
        Steering & Drive Motor                  $150.00
        Motor Elec.                             $200.00
Note: This Budget would also included the Drive and Steering Assembly and the Thermal System for a total of $3700.00.

Next Weeks Deliverables : 
Tim Horne - 
1)  Continue Detailed design of Sensor System
2)  Antenna placement for Rover and lander
3)  Order parts for prototype 

Richard Eddings -
1)  Finalize thermal revisions
2)  Begin creating test setup for drive & steering motor assembly
3)  Continue ordering of prototype parts
4)  Assist in structural revisions