Rover Subsystem - Texas Tech 3/15/96 Progress Report

From: Richard Eddings richeng@HUB.ofthe.NET

Richard Eddings

1. Continue assembly of test setup
2. Finalize ordering parts
3. Work on finalizing thermal calculations

Tim Horne

1. Complete antenna design ( range and placement )
2. Complete hardware drawing and setup for obstacle detection system
3. Begin Image processing ( Edge Detection )
4. Navigation???

The antenna and obstacle detection system designs will be completed by the time the mid-term report is due. Navigation is an issue that has not been looked at yet. Methods will be looked at and discussed in the report.

James Ledbetter

1. Research Image processing for prototype
2. Make final battery calculations and selections
3. Begin implementation of prototype computer system

Brian Pustka

1. Continue work on frame design
2. Attempt to obtain samples of material for testing of thermal system

mass : 10
power : 25