Rover Subsystem - Texas Tech 09/08/95 Progress Report

Rover Subsystem - Texas Tech 09/08/95 Progress Report

Weekly progress report for Texas Tech University Design Team.
Submitted by Richard Eddings

The first week of our design project was spent reading the specifications sheets, meeting with advisors, choosing a subsystem and contacting Mark Fischer at the Texas Space Grant headquarters.

We have chosen the design of a lunar rover. It is responsible for the collection of samples for the O2 production subsystem. I have also obtained a copy of the project overview for future reference.

The members of our design team are:
Richard Eddings
Mike McCafferty
Tim Horne

We can be reached by phone or e-mail as follows:

Name Phone e-mail
Richard Eddings (806) 797-5226
Mike McCafferty (806) 785-6453
Tim Horne (806) 765-9867


7 September 95
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