Rover Subsystem - Texas Tech 10/20/95 Progress Report

Rover Subsystem - Texas Tech 10/20/95 Progress Report

To: Participants of TSGC
From: Texas Tech Rover Design Team
Re: Weekly Progress Report

Past Weeks Deliverables:

Last week was spent working on the CDR Report for TSGC.

That was our only concern.

I.      Thermal
                1. heating / cooling
                2. feedback control
II.     Sturcture / Material
                1. frame
                2. equipment box
III.    Drive / Steering
                1. motors / servos
                2. suspension
                3. tranmission
IV.     Sensors
                1. cameras
                2. radar (microwave, ir)
V.      Communications
                1. receiver
                2. transmitter
VI.     Control System
                1. microcontroller
                2. motor control (speed and steering)
                3. arm control
VII.    Power System
                1. photovoltaic / batteries
                2. switching
                3. regulation
VIII.   Arm / Docking

Next Week

Next Weeks Deliverables:

We have established an up-to-date gannt chart for the rest of the semester. We have decided to use a series of peltier devices (thermo-electric coolers) with a control feedback system to control the interior heat during the day. This should work well with our current design. We also have at least four motor companies chosen to contact about their micro motors. I spoke with Patrick Alexander from TSU. We will be in contact with each other several times a week to get new updates.


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