Rover Subsystem - Texas Tech 11/03/95 Progress Report

Rover Subsystem - Texas Tech 11/03/95 Progress Report

To: TSGC Members
From: Texas Tech Rover Design Team
Re: Weekly Report

Current Mass: n/a
Current Power: n/a

Our deliverables due this week were as follows:
    Tim & Richard:

Tim and I have decided on the 1st choice for the drive system. We will have all power requirements for the system next week. The intial detailed drawings will be finished in a few weeks. Mike will also have the power requirements for the sensors & communication system next week. I do not have that information available to submit at this time.

Next Week

For next week, our deliverables are as follows:
    Richard & Tim:
  1. finalize drive design and present alternatives
  2. finalize chasis design w/ alternatives Mike:


Wednesday, 31-Dec-1969 18:00:00 CST
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