- 11/17/95

Rover Progress Report- Texas Tech

November 17
Richard Eddings

The drawings for the drive motors and frame are being polished up. The end-of-semester report is being prepared for review from our advisors. Assumtins were made for the speed requirements of the rover in the motor selection. The DXP15 drive motor initially chosen from BEI Sensors may not be able to give us the torque requirements without a total brownout of the system. This possibility is being examined and will be cleared up by the time we submit our report. The sensor design is going smoothly. Mike is making good progress on choosing cameras, sensors and controllers. We will be loosing one member of our team due to graduation, so Tim and I will have to increase our already heavy load.


*Does there need to be a set distance the rover needs to travel in one mission from the lander?

*Does this have to be done in a specified amount of time?


We need to discuss the arm interface with TSU. There are several other options for arm placement that we have begun to concider. This nees to be discussed with TSU to determine whether the ideas will be feasable. The report is the main deliverable for now. Final seletions for all systems will be made this week for the report. Detailed drawings of most systems will be finalized before Dec. 1.


Wednesday, 31-Dec-1969 18:00:00 CST
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