Finite Element - Houston-Downtown 2/26-3/1 Progress Report


It was very helpful the visit from Bill Hutchinson, to continue with our project. During this week we received Ansys version 5.2 for window NT. Since not all the groups involve in the project know what Ansys is for we believe is important to include in this report a short description.

Ansys is a computer program for finite element analysis and design. The design is used to find out how a given structure works under operating conditions using a feature called design optimization.
Ansys is a multi-purpose program meaning that you can use it for almost any type of finite element analysis in basically any industry. For example: automovils. aerospace, railways, machinery, electronics, sporting goods, power generation, power transmission, and biomechanics among others. It can also be used in all disciplines of engineering.

Several operating systems are supported by Ansys as are a multitude of graphics devices.