Landing Gear - Lamar - Progress Report 9 Oct 95

Greg C Felix

The landing gear team here at Lamar - Beaumont has spent the majority of last week on conceptual design development. The individual members of the team have come up with un-biased consepts of how the landing gear structure will be constructed. The designs being considered at this time are as follows:

  1. A three-leg landing gear with each leg constructed from pipe frame, having a spring and shock absorber on each leg,

  2. A conceptual standard leg to be used with a three or four leg landing gear system using pipe frame and cables to support the feet,

  3. An air cushion to be handled by some sort of balloon landing gear

We have many sketches of conceptual designs for the lander's landing gear, but the selection process has not yet taken place. The many choices of conceptual designs are to be rated, and the optimum designs for the given task will later be determined.

There are also many resourses which the landing gear team has requested through inter-library loan. These references should give the members of the team a better idea of how a typical landing gear is designed. This knowledge will be used in conjunction with the constraints set on the lander design in order to develope a feasible and reliable design.

The landing gear team also set up a filing system this week for all information to be handled by the group.

Next Week

The work plan has the landing gear team continuing the conceptual design development. A more detailed set of design constraints will also be studied. With the use of Newton's Laws, a system simulation for the landing gear system will be begun. This will put more detailed constraints on the sizing and loading of the landing gear and its components in order to determine if a design is feasible.

The conceptual designs being developed will need to be rated for reliability, feasibility, simplicity, etc. Several members of the landing gear team will develop a rating system for the landing gear conceptual designs being considered.

A considerable amount of time will be spent developing a conceptual design report (CDR). The landing gear team has already organized the information to be reported on. The information will now need to be consolidated into a report to be submitted for review.


Wednesday, 31-Dec-1969 18:00:00 CST
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