Landing Gear - Lamar

Landing Gear - Lamar - Progress Report 20 Oct 95

Greg C Felix

The Lamar Landing Gear Team has been developing conceptual designs for possible landing gear structures. A presentation was made on the status of the project along with the submission of the conceptual design review. On Thursday, October 19, four critical reference materials were received. Included in these references is data and calculations from the Surveyor mission. The design methodology for this project will be greatly influenced by this information received.

The work schedule for the landing gear team calls for a preliminary conceptual design selection on the first week of November. This requires the conceptual design development to be complete for the first stage at the end of October. As the conceptual designs have been developed, the same has been done for the rating system to be used on the designs for selection of the optimum structure.

In addition to the scheduled research, Dr. Simon has set up a meeting with a member of the NASA Team for the landing gear group. The opportunity to elaborate on the conceptual landing gear designs with an experienced structural specialist will lead us in the right direction for the optimum landing gear design for this application.


The excess of 500 pages of useful information contained in the reference materials recently received will be reviewed by the members of the landing gear team over the next week. Conceptual designs will be continually generated. The reference materials contain typical designs of landing gear systems with tasks similar to that of the oxygen plant landing gear. Design calculations and research data are included in these references. This information will be used to generate a typical landing gear structure suited for use on the oxygen plant lunar lander.

The landing gear team has a field trip scheduled on Thursday, October 26, to NASA Space Center. Assistance and guidance has been offered by a member of the NASA Team, Chris Hansen, who is familiar with typical landing gear structures and their performance.

Over the next week, the landing gear team hopes to have a good idea of what the optimum landing gear structure will look like along with a working knowledge of typical energy absorption devices which could be used on the structure.


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