Structures Sybsystem Progress Report 10/6/95 - A&M

Structures Sybsystem Progress Report 10/6/95 - A&M

This week was spent evaluating concepts and placing components into our 3-D cad models. The following dimensions are initially being used as preliminary dimensions for the spacecraft structure:

Hexagonal spacecraft bus - approx. 2.2 meters across flats by 1.3 meter high

Assumed volume available for oxygen plant - 56 cm X 45 cm X 35 cm

Assumed volume available for the rover - 50.8 cm X 30.5 cm X 25.4 cm

These numbers are based on the configuration option that has the oxygen plant and rover deployed through the base of the vehicle. This option was initially attractive since the oxygen plant is at the same level as the rover on the lunar surface and simplifies the sample insertion sequence. We are noticing, however, that there may still be some interference problems with the thrust strucutre and plumbing in the base of the lander even with the above dimensions. This leads us to the very real possibility of going to one of the other configuration options that either deploy the oxygen plant and the rover from the top or the side of the spacecraft or requires the oxygen plant to stay aboard and the rover to reach up to place samples into the plant. This alternate configuration will have the propellant tanks and all other subsystems placed in the base of the spacecraft with the primary payloads attached above and being deployed with actuators from the side of the spacecraft or with a ramp off the top. Such a configuration will also relax the strigent volume constraints on the rover and other subsystems since we don't have to make room in the base of spacecraft for deployment. We will take any estimates on subsystem volume that any team has otherwise we will make some assumptions and go on. Let us know.

Ronny Baccus
Structures - Texas A&M


Wednesday, 31-Dec-1969 18:00:00 CST
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