Structures Sybsystem Progress Report 10/27/95 - A&M

Structures Sybsystem Progress Report 10/27/95 - A&M

We are currently in the process of putting together a simplified finite element model of each design option for the thrust strucutre and the subsystem support structure. This will serve as our primary means of determining the optimum structural configuration to be selected. We do not have any results as of yet.

Next Week:

Next week we will be running some load cases on our models with the hope of arriving at a baseline structural configuration by the end of the week. We will then try to get the updated configuration into the Intergraph solid model layout and have a better idea of exactly where particular components will go. We will also be looking into different types of mechanisms that will be used for payload deployment as well as pointing solar arrays and antennas.


Wednesday, 31-Dec-1969 18:00:00 CST
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