Final Progress Report - Structures - Texas A&M

Final Progress Report - Structures - Texas A&M

Ronnie Baccus

This week was spent updating our 3-D cad models in Intergraph and baselining the structural interface with the landing gear. The jettisoning of the main engine prior to landing results in a much reduced length requirement for the landing gear. This reduction in length now makes it possible to fold the legs down rather than up when stowed in the Delta-II during the ascent phase. Volumetric analysis of the 3-D solid model shows that an appoximate area of 45.0 inches by 24.3 inches is available for the landing gear in the stowed configuration. This is shown in Figure 1 below:

Figure 1 - Landing Gear Interface (side)

There are three primary attachment points available at each leg location. It is assumed that these will be hinged joints to facilitate landing gear deployment by a linear actuator in line with the upper strut. The two lower struts will be of fixed length and will swing out when the actuator is extended. The geometry of the three attachment points is shown in Figures 1 and 2. Figure 3 is a 3-D view of the solid model from the same angle as Figure 2.

Future Plans: The remaining days of the semester will be spent working on drawings and the final report. Have a good turkey day.

Figure 2 - Landing Gear Interface (front)

Figure 3 - Landing Gear Interface (3-D)


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