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Texas Space Grant Is In LOVE With It's Student Design Project

After much deliberation I am happy to announce the new name of out mission. The name is L.O.V.E. which stands for Lunar Oxygen Verification Experiment - the purpose of our mission! This name is not only a clever acronym, but it also decribes our feelings about engineering a mission to the moon - We LOVE it!

The logo was also decided upon last week. It is a circle, outlined in black, with a cresent moon, with a realistic moon-type surface in grey, on the left side. The outline forms an O and in the lower right hand corner there is a red 2. O-2...get it? A tiny orbit is drawn in blue around the O/moon figure and the name of the mission will be printed in script writing across the top of the circle. The whole name will be spelled out, not just the word LOVE. The logo will be added to the WEB page early next week...we're having a little bit of trouble taking a hand drawing and making it into a computer graphic.

For the t-shirt design, the logo will be printed on the back of a black t-shirt. Texas Space Grant along with all participating schools will be printed under the logo. The front of the t-shirt will feature the the mission name over the pocket. T-shirt information and a picture of the design will be available in the next week. Orders will be taken then for the first run of shirts.

One final note: Congratulations to John Opiela, winner of the contest! John will receive a FREE official mission t-shirt for his entry.

Thanks to everyone who sent in their drawings and name ideas! Your participation made the competition tough!


Wednesday, 31-Dec-1969 18:00:00 CST