Systems Integration Group - Weekly Report 10/6/95

Systems Integration Group - Weekly Report 10/6/95

Week of October 2:


Established metric units as standard.

We will begin discussing unanswered questions at the SIG meetings, in an effort to speed the Q&A process.

SIG members should establish weekly communication with their subsystem contacts.

The CDR is due on Friday the 13th, and the date is firm.


The design project Web page is in a constant state of improvement, but we have specific ideas on reorganization that should make it easier to use. The Q&A page is in for some overhaul, with reference to a question's topic, university, and date.

We want names and e-mail addresses of all members of the subsystem groups, for record-keeping purposes.

We need to continue to improve communications with our subsystem contact. The subsystem groups need an idea of what should be in the CDR report.

We need to resolve any issues of "double work," where students are working on one thing for the TSGC, and on something different for their classes.

We still need name and logo entries by Tuesday. We also want a catchy name for the weekly tip item.

Subsystem reports:

Ronny [TSU - robot arm]

Mike [Tech. - rover]

Greg & Rebecca [PV,PanAm,Lamar - thermal]

Ken [Lamar,UH - landing gear & finite elements]

John [Lamar - power]


Wednesday, 31-Dec-1969 18:00:00 CST