Systems Integration Group - Weekly Report 10/13/95

Systems Integration Group - Weekly Report 10/13/95

Web Scheduling

Web reports that are turned in early Friday will be posted by Friday afternoon. Web reports turned in late Friday will not be posted till Monday afternoon.

Weekly report deadline & CDR

In general, the sooner a report is turned in the better. There are over 10 design groups who rely on timely information being posted about other school's subsystems. If a report is turned in late, it is going to affect the progress of other groups as well. If our design consortium plans to meet NASA's deadline for a Discovery Mission proposal, then the fewer delays we have, the better our chances of preparing a professional design. Of course this applies to the CDR as well. Hopefully, by the time this is posted, all CDR's will have already been received.

Group Achievements

The system integration group realizes that many of the design teams are working on the lunar oxygen project in addition to totally unrelated work for the same class. We appreciate the time that these groups are dedicating to make this project work, and we understand that this project can not always come first. But, a close second is expected (:

Metric Measurements

English units are out! Please make any conversions necessary to make sure you are using SI metric units. If there are any questions, give your group leader a call.

Power, mass, thermal web pages

Rough or not so rough estimates of the power, mass, and thermal requirements for each different subsystem will be posted on the web as soon as they are turned in. Each group should talk to their group leader and give him/her your estimates ASAP if it isn't done already.

NGC and Comm

Basic flight plan info for NGC including mission time estimates will be posted on the web in the near future. Similar information will be included for communications.


The conceptual design reports from each team will be compiled into a single report and mailed to all the schools this week.

Public relations

Expect a new PR plan of action page in the near future.

Tip for the week

Tips for the week will now be officialy posted under Ashley's Advice on the web.

Unanswered questions

Any school who is not getting their questions answered in a timely manner should feel free to talk to their group leader about it, or speak to the system integration team leader Mark. NO QUESTION IS A DUMB QUESTION!

Final report

The system integration team is putting together a standard format for the final report. It will be mailed out after the CDR's are received and reviewed.

Logo and Name contest

Over twenty entries were submitted. After a long and heated debate, a decision was reached and an entry was selected. See the name logo page for more details. (Assuming someone makes one)

End report SIG

If there are any questions about this report, contact: Michael Kline (


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