Systems Integration Group Meeting, 10/20/95

Systems Integration Group - Progress Report 10/20/95

Power, Mass, and Thermal Specifications:

We have few power, mass, and thermal constraints from various subsystems yet. We need them as soon as possible, even if the numbers are just estimates. All groups should send a table of their requirements; Mark will put these tables in the "Current Mass Budget" section on the Web.

CU-See Me:

Dr. Fowler would like to begin demonstrating the usefulness of this software. Since UH-DT and Texas Tech have this software up and running, he would like to schedule weekly meetings with those groups. Lamar has the capability but needs to try connecting. Each member of the SIG should encourage their group to send information on their computer setup and begin testing the software again.

Conceptual Design Reports:

By now we have received reports from all groups except TSU. Next week we will mail out a copy of all the reports to each school, including UTEP, Kingsville, and Baylor. Overall comments on the reports include:
  1. Most reports were good, but each could also have been expanded to include more information.
  2. Most groups should also be concentrating on choosing specific designs and researching those designs. A list of goals might help them plan the rest of the semester. Also, each member of SIG should consider sending their schools a calendar for the rest of the semester, outlining what needs to be accomplished by a certain date.
  3. Formatting (text and graphics) is a definite problem. A standard format should be maintained and sent to the schools for the final report, including details on the margins, fonts, and letter sizes.

Name and Logo Contest:

We had also narrowed down the names to two choices: Hyperion and LOVE (Lunar Oxygen Verification Experiment). On Thursday Hyperion was selected as the initial selection for the name of the mission. Kristin will bring us an updated "logo" next week, with the new name of the mission. Since John's logo was chosen as the best early on in the selection, he will win the contest.


Kristin has done research on T-shirt companies, and we decided that black shirts would look best with our logo. The minimum number of orders required is 60. Dr. Fowler will check into funding this.


Wednesday, 31-Dec-1969 18:00:00 CST