Systems Integration Group Meeting
Tuesday, October 31, 1995, Halloween

Meeting began at 11:12 a.m.

We still don't have everyone's schedules for finals and December. We need those by Thursday so we can plan the end of semester review. Ken said the Dr. Simon is having the Lamar groups turn in their papers on November 17 so that he can review them before they are handed in to us. Talked about having papers due early so that we can make sure our groups give good presentations.

Everyone looked at Greg's eye. We agree that it is truly disgusting and he should go back to the doctor. So far three people have caught Greg's cold.

Unanswered questions: Divided up, most go to Ronnie at A&M. Ken asked about the antenna being used to track the Earth.

Mass budgets are now critical. Propulsion group miscalculated their numbers because our mass budget numbers are so wrong. New mass budget estimates are due to Mark by this afternoon and we will update these numbers every Tuesday. Mark will change the web progress report form so it includes mass, thermal and power estimates.

Discussed having one meeting each week devoted only to engineering or 3/4 of every meeting being engineering. We will try doing management stuff in 45 minutes to an hour and spend the rest of the time on integration issues. Still will have Friday meetings with Ronnie at 12 noon for more integration. But not this Friday - he's going to JPL.

Advice page:

Web page:
Add links to other interesting (space related) sites like the lunar lander game, JPL's calendar...
Meeting broke apart at 12:21 p.m. so that Kristin and Mark could talk about the logo and new name on the web page and so that everyone else could talk engineering.


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