System Integration Group Meeting Report: 11/10

System Integration Group Progress Report for 11/10: Thursday

Final Conference: The conference will be held on Saturday December 2 at the University of Houston, Downtown.

Travel Money: Each school has a travel allowance of $400 to attend both conferences (one in December and one in May). If you have any questions, contact Shirley Polard at 1-800-248-8742.

Final Presentations: Revisions were made to the final presentation schedule. Time was allotted for Michael to make a presentation on the sensors and O2 plant.

Presentation Outline: The group came up with a general outline of what each presentation should contain. This outline will be e-mailed to the groups within the next couple of days. Remember that your audience is people with a general engineering background.

T-shirts: Kristin is working on getting the T-shirts made. Ken is working on the artwork for the T-shirts.

Newspapers: Kristin needs the names and phone numbers of the local and school newspapers for each school. Press releases will be sent to the newspapers around Austin soon.

Engineering Meeting

Meeting Adjourned


Wednesday, 31-Dec-1969 18:00:00 CST