System Integration Group Metting Report: 11/21

System Integration Group Progress Report for Tuesday, Nov. 21

Additions to Agenda: There is some concern about completing Dr. Fowler's class requirements (school outreach, edit subsystem document, mission characterization). This class has taken a lot of time not including these extras, and most poeple have n ot gotten to them yet. We need to consult with Dr. Fowler on the subject.

Missing Progress Reports: As of meeting time, we did not have progress reports from Prairie View A&M, Texas A&M, TSU, and UH Downtown. We hadn't heard anything about Texas A&M or TSU, but the other two reports were "on the way."

T-Shirts: The T-shirt logo artwork is complete. The shirts will be printed on November 29 (see the Web page for a description of the shirts). Shirts will be $12. Most will be extra-large size, and we will order some larges as well. Orders shoul d be sent directly to Kristin. People who order shirts should bring their cash to the design conference.

Design Presentation Plans: We have e-mailed the oral presentation outline. We need to make hotel reservations for the Friday night before the conference (eight or nine people; $55 lodging per diem).

Last Minute Stuff: There will be no meeting on Thursday, Nov. 23, in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday. Integration group members should be available for last-minute questions over the Thanksgiving holiday. There will also be a section on the Web site ("Subsystems") for last minutes details or questions.
Here is the list of SIG contact numbers:

Greg(318)798-2558 or (318)798-7655Out of town Wed.-Sat.
John(512)302-0577 or (512)926-1770Out of town most of Fri.
Ken/Kristin(512)474-2143Out of town Fri.
Michael(512)719-4830 or (512)835-3933 (work)Not going anywhere
Rebecca(719)488-0980Wed. night to Sun. morning
Shandy Out of town Wed. to Sat.

Engineering issues:


Wednesday, 31-Dec-1969 18:00:00 CST