Thermal - Lamar 2/09/96 Progress Report

From: Mark A. Magee

To Date: Power Subsystem:

Mark A. Magee

According to the Lamar Power team, Regenerative Fuel Cells (RFC) will be used for the mission. Research on fuel cells has begun, between both Lamar Thermal and Power teams. The power team has begun contacting vendors for information. See power reports for detailed information on fuel cells.

The thermal control of the fuel cells will include the use of the it's own working fluids to cool the unit. More information will be included in next weeks report.

Propulsion Subsystem:
Yachtze L. Luchin

At this time I am waiting to receive thermal specifications concerning the fuel and number and size of tanks required. Research is being done until the information is received.

Structure Subsystem:
Yachtze L. Luchin

Currently research on the use of Aerogel (A GIF file will be included with this report) as well as the coatings mentioned in last semester's work.

Aerogel: Current knowledge
Thermal Conductivity - 1/100 of glass
Blocks most ultraviolet radiation
Can support 1000 times it's weight
Can be made as light as air
Silica/Air Matrix-99% air
Nicknamed-"Solid Fog" due to appearance

Questions: How big is the area available to be used for radiator space?

Next: A more in depth progress report will be made next week, mostly concerning those areas that were mentioned above.

Mass: 45 kg
Power: 45 W